Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lifting Under The Sun by Grace C.

What has been up with Portland these last three weeks? High 70's everyday, not a cloud in the sky? Is this real life? Coleen's G-block Weight lifting class has been taking advantage of the beautiful weather over the past few weeks, running 3-4 laps for 'warm up' at the beginning of class then splitting off to do our individual work outs. It's a waste not to soak in the sun when you can, so two of my work-out buddies and I have been doing interval training.  Since G-block is around 11:00, the sun is out but the air is still cool, so it's probably the optimum temperature for running. After running a mile for 'warm-up' Karen W., Casey J. and I grab some foam mats and do ab workouts on the turf, while little lower schoolers play soccer around us (they have recess during g-block).  We usually do a set of 50 crunches then 50 bicycles.  After we roll over in disgust at our 'out-of-shapeness' we jog a lap around the track, then on our second and third lap, sprint at the straightaways and jog on the curves. By the end of the period, we would have ran roughly 2 miles with core or arm workouts interspersed between laps. My workout buddies and I actually do take advantage of this whole period to exercise, not just because we're afraid of Colleen's wrath when she catches us doing the 'beached whale,' but also because we encourage each other to go those extra 200 meters, or finish up the set of 20 suitcases. I'm certain that by the end of this semester, I'll be in much better shape that I was in the semester and even year before.

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