Thursday, May 30, 2013

StuCo Election Reactions by Janine K. and Grace C.

This year Student Council focused a great deal of energy into building a new student structure that would take effect for the first time in the 2013 election. Though the new structure has been better received than the structure first proposed this time last year, students still have remaining concerns for upcoming elections.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new structure is the process a candidate must go through before being eligible to run for president. Students believe the qualifications have affected the number of candidates in a negative way. A general concern about the exclusivity of the eligibility requirements has been voiced. Under this structure, students feel that many highly qualified students won’t be able to run because they have not been elected to a Community or Policy member position. Various students pointed out the fact that if a student does not want to be on a board but wants to run for President, they will be out of luck.  
Another area of concern for students has been the club selection process. Clubs were asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about their club, which were submitted to Student Council. Each application was reviewed, and then deemed qualified or unqualified; however, there were far more qualified clubs than spaces on StuCo. The qualified clubs were placed in a hat and a lucky few were drawn. This resulted in what some are calling an unequally distributed club representation. The absence of SLAC, which made it to the qualifying round but was not drawn in the random pick, will result in a Council without any sort of service representative. Meanwhile, Mid Winter Madness, which is obviously an activity with a huge influence over student culture and spirit, focuses mostly on fundraising, and now has a representative on the Policy Board. In no way are people refuting the importance of MWM, they simply believe that it would be better suited for some sort of club representation on the Community Board rather than on the Policy Board.

All in all, there are various issues that students hope to work out of the system next year.

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  1. Yes, the requirement that one must be on a board to run for president is an abomination. As this article states, we have many qualified candidates who were not able to run for president simply because they were not elected to one of the seats that the junior class has available. I know for a fact that if I were not required to be on one of the boards, I would have run for president, as I feel that I have the qualifications for it despite not being elected. I can truly not put into words how bad the decision to restrict this was, as it undoubtedly prevented many qualified candidates who wanted to be president from running, and the result of this is that we only had two (albeit very qualified) candidates.